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Wellington Access Radio is throwing its doors open during the Cuba Dupa festival for the community to take a peek behind the scenes, meet the programme makers, and even try out their voice on the radio!

Wellington Access Radio is the station that’s by, for and about the community - a non-profit, grass roots organisation that has been celebrating all things Wellington since 1981.

Over 35 years the station has provided a stage for people to get their voice heard, and thanks to technology on ever-increasing platforms to the old reel-to-reel tape and analogue broadcast days.

Alongside the radio broadcast on 783 AM, the station streams live at, hosts on-demand podcasts, and is diving into the world of video broadcasts and regular music live-to-airs.

With over 100 programme maker groups broadcasting in over 30 languages, alongside programmes about topical issues and civil rights, the station celebrates the diversity of Wellington – from Wellington to Hutt City and Porirua.

The station also features a weekday drive time programme, Community Zone, which offers free on-air community listings to local groups and events, in addition to interviews about happenings around the region.

This month also marks the 25th anniversary of New Zealand On Air, Access Radio’s core sponsor, without whom the station wouldn’t be able to bring local communities onto the air.

Wellington Access Radio always welcomes people interested in becoming programme makers, and is offering an introductory airtime rate for programme makers of $25 per hour for three months.

So come along to the open day, meet the people behind the broadcasts, and get your voice heard!

The open day will be held at Wellington Access Radio Level 1, 35-37 Ghuznee Street, Te Aro, from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 28 March.

Email for more information on becoming a programme maker.
Get your voice heard!

Wellington Access Radio is always on the lookout for new programme makers to create content by, for and about their communities. 

We prioritise content under section 36(c) of the Broadcasting Act:

To ensure that a range of broadcasts is available to provide for the interests of

A.1 36©

  • women; and
  • youth; and
  • children; and
  • persons with disabilities; and
  • minorities in the community including ethnic minorities; and
  • to encourage a range of broadcasts that reflects the diverse religious and ethical beliefs of New Zealanders


Followed by;

A.2.1 Not-for-profit community groups.

  • Smaller groups lacking resources
  • Those wanting exposure, feedback or interaction
  • Support groups for people with special needs (health, education, welfare)
  • Minority political groups
  • Hobby, special interest, recreational
  • Sporting
  • Larger local, regional, national organisations
  • Educational and training institutes


A.2.2 Individuals with a cause, concern, message or interest

  • Priority to talk back on specific topics
  • With significant community interest
  • Not be able to be easily disseminated in other media
  • Community programming


A.3 Special Music Enthusiasts

  • Non-derivative ethnic music
  • Local and regional music
  • New Zealand Music
  • Other music categories, i.e. Jazz, Dance, World


We broadcast live on 783AM, stream live at, as well as hosting on-demand podcasts.

Our non-commercial frequency, granted by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, together with invaluable support from New Zealand On Air allows us to provide programme makers and community groups with the tools to represent, connect and inform.

If you would like to know more about making a programme or sponsorship opportunities at Wellington Access Radio, please get in touch at or call the station on 04 385 7210.



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