Access Radio - Get your voice heard!

Get your voice heard!

Wellington Access Radio is always on the lookout for new programme makers to create content by, for and about their communities.  

We prioritise content under section 36(c) of the Broadcasting Act:

  • to ensure that a range of broadcasts is available to provide for the interests of

    • (i)women; and

    • (ii)youth; and

    • (iii)children; and

    • (iv)persons with disabilities; and

    • (v)minorities in the community including ethnic minorities; and

  • (ca)to encourage a range of broadcasts that reflects the diverse religious and ethical beliefs of New Zealanders

The rest of our schedule features community radio programming and information, and New Zealand music.

We broadcast live on 783AM, stream live at, as well as hosting on-demand podcasts.

Our non-commercial frequency, granted by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, together with invaluable support from New Zealand On Air allows us to provide programme makers and community groups with the tools to represent, connect and inform.


If you would like to know more about making a programme or sponsorship opportunities at Wellington Access Radio, please get in touch at or call the station on 04 385 7210.


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