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Issy & Cae are on a mission. Their new show on Wellington Access Radio, Awkward Talks, aims to carve out a space in the NZ music industry that they feel is desperately lacking. After meeting backstage at a gig last November, they quickly realised they had the same frustrations with the music scene. 

‘I had the very privileged opportunity to participate in extracurricular music courses throughout my high school years and even went on to study music at a tertiary level,’ says Issy. ‘But at the end of my studies, I was still left not knowing how to actually get a gig, how to write up an invoice, how to manage myself, and still felt very disconnected from the music community. Awkward Talks was founded with the purpose to explore and answer these questions in a way that is accessible.’

They both bring their own experiences as musicians and artists to the show. Issy has a background in theatre, dance and music, while Cae is both a designer and musician with bands Tahini Bikini and Sig Wilder.
Issy & Cae are also motivated to create a place where discussions and conversations can be held about some of the more difficult and discriminatory sides of the music industry. This is where the ‘Awkward’ part of Awkward Talks may come in.

‘It’s about all of us holding ourselves and others accountable,’ says Issy. ‘We want to raise awareness and call people to action.’

Cae agrees. ‘For me personally, there has been a disconnect from audience and artists. Once I finally became one, I realised there were so many areas of the industry that are underestimated, mistreated, hard to find or even kept secret.’

The idea is that, ultimately, music practitioners will feel less alone and more empowered.

Awkward Talks will feature guests from all parts of the music industry to tell their stories, share what they’ve learned and provide practical tips to those who are starting out.

‘I want to discuss and learn more with other artists and people in the field, to have true conversation and one of a kind interviews that aren’t the same basic questions said differently,’ says Cae.

And it doesn’t stop there. Issy & Cae have dreams of creating digital guides, holding live events and masterclasses, and providing education.

‘We want to be a positive media body in the industry,’ says Issy. ‘It’s about us all sharing our collective knowledge and making the music industry safer and more open.’

You can hear Awkward Talks on Wellington Access Radio every second Saturday at 12pm.

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