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​For the last five years Tuesday nights on Wellington Access Radio have been a hub of Latin American culture, music, news and language with the radio programme Que Onda! Que Onda! is a Spanish speaking show that acts as an open page for the community and celebrates all things Latin American.

Judith Baez has been hosting and running the show since the beginning in 2018, along with an enthusiastic team from Latin America, Spain and New Zealand. Ask her what her favourite episodes have been over the years and she finds it hard to answer.

“I have enjoyed every single one of them! It is fascinating to hear people’s stories and experiences. But having live music in the studio is always a highlight – it creates a very special atmosphere”.

Que Onda! features a special guest in every show. They have hosted diplomats, musicians, refugees, artists, scientists, chefs, designers, educators, activists and more! Recent guests have included Alejandro Ramos, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Mexican Embassy, entrepreneur Mariela Porrini, and musician Carlos Navae.

Judith says that the show plays an important role in the Spanish speaking community in Wellington. “We keep the community informed, and it is an open space where the community can express their thoughts in their own language and their voices are heard.”

“It is also a way to connect people. Many of the stories and experiences can encourage other people. It is important to keep the community informed and connected.”

Que Onda! also has an audience beyond Wellington, thanks to streaming and social media. Judith says that they have listeners from around the world, as far away as Mexico and Colombia.

The show it is also a great tool for those that are learning Spanish! Spanish teachers have been recommending their students to tune in to Que Onda! for some extra practice.

Que Onda! plans to be around for a long time into the future. ‘It is important that Que Onda! keeps going to have the Latin American community in New Zealand present and represented’ says Judith.

Tune in to Que Onda! every Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm.

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