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Wellington Access Radio is celebrating NZ Music Month and its theme for 2023, ‘Community and Collaboration’, by focusing on the community music that you won’t find in the mainstream.

The station believes that any music that is made in NZ, is NZ music – and with over 200 programme-makers making over 80 programmes, in over 20 different languages, there is a massive range of musical genres being broadcast every day.

During May, all programme-makers will be looking to play music from Aotearoa as part of their normal programming, while the station will be profiling a number of lesser-known musicians and bands from around the country.

There will also be a double feature every Friday night where the station will be playing not their usual one, but TWO albums from local artists.
Broadcast Technician Jonny Marks has the job of selecting the music for the Friday Feature Albums. ‘Radio airplay is of huge importance for musicians, a joy that can be shared with friends and family, and a unique way to reach new audiences,’ says Jonny.

‘By highlighting a whole album, we give space to experience more of the complex sonic ecosystems that musicians hear and translate for us; the more time we give to listening, the better we understand. The better we understand, the better we can find ways to be understood. We hope that our efforts to highlight our brilliant and diverse local scenes are nourishing to both audience and makers.’

Friday Feature Album, Fridays 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Listen at Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM or stream view

Would you like your album to be shared on the Friday Feature Album? Email