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Wellington Access Radio is making sure that community voices are heard leading up to the 2023 election.

The station has three new shows all focusing on issues that are vital for community wellbeing, with experienced and passionate presenters asking the hard-hitting questions and bringing their own communities to the fore.

One of these shows is the fantastic Generation Unfiltered. Hosted by young people involved in the Make It 16 campaign, this 10-episode show interviews youth advocates and activists in areas such as youth mental health, climate change, the rainbow community & education.

Host Anika says ‘this show will be highlighting issues important to youth in the lead up to this years General Election, and to be honest, in the future, because we’ll be the ones most effected by decisions made today’.

The show No Labels has a series of elections specials which host Mike Gourley describes as having ‘a disability point of view’. Mike speaks to political candidates, policy makers, and community advocates, including Labour Party candidate Nick Ruane, Green Party candidate Neelu Jennings, and The Opportunities Party Deputy Leader Natalia Albert. Mike also interviewed Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, co-leader of Te Pāti Māori, who informed him that they were the first media to approach the party about their disability policy.

Another brand-new show is Election Murmurs, a show dedicated to Arts and Culture policy ahead of the election. Host Austin Harrison says ‘We’ve got some incredible guests lined up and will play host to what I hope will be fruitful and insightful discussions about the state of our arts sector and the ideas that are (or aren’t) being proposed to improve and support us’.

Wellington Access Radio is always proud to broadcast media that is by, for and about our Wellington communities. In an election year, this is more important than ever.

Station Manger Pip Adam says ‘The Access Media kaupapa means Wellington Access Radio is able to broadcast election coverage that is created by, for and about specific communities that are often missed in reporting by more mainstream media. We’re very grateful to our programme-makers for creating important, responsive and specialised election content which is such a vital part of accessibility to the democratic process. When programmes are made by, for and about communities they reflect the concerns and interests of those communities.’

In the lead up to the election there will be many commentaries and opinions from politicians flooding the media. Tune in to Wellington Access Radio to hear from the other side – the communities who will actually be affected by the election results.

Generation Unfiltered
Wednesdays, 4pm.
Starts: September 12, 2023

No Labels
Tuesdays, 1pm.

Election Murmurs
Tuesdays, 2pm
Starts: September 12, 2023