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Tune in Monday to Friday 5-6pm for Community Drive. These programmes celebrate our awesome grassroots communities with brilliant local news, notices, reviews and special guests. Join us as we promote local culture.

​Every day – community notices, 5-5.05pm

  • Monday evening C-Zone with Simon Howard brings all things funny and theatrical to the airwaves, celebrating the Capital’s Arts and Theatre scenes.
  • Tuesday join the B-Side Stories team for insider interviews about what’s really going on across Wellington’s communities.
  • Wednesday join Solomon Powell and team for Local Culture a show on local arts, music and culture.
  • Thursday evening The Hutt Zone with John MacDonald keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the Hutt Valley, from cultural events through to politics.
  • Friday join Amy Delahunty for In The Neighbourhood, a show of news, interviews and highlights from Wellington Access Radio programmes, friends and neighbours.

If you have an upcoming event or know of someone who we should interview, please get in touch!