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We play public talks from around Whanganui-a-Tara. These include artist talks, lectures and poetry readings.

​Every Tuesday 2pm & 10pm.

Past talks include:

Verb Festival podcasts 

In Relation to In Relation Ep6 | Tina Barton Reads – Lunchtime Talks from Adam Art Gallery

Good Books Writer Talks: Hannah Mettner & Morgan Bach, in conversation with Jane Arthur of Good Books

Khadro Mohamed in conversation with Ash Davida Jane of Tender Press
Good Books 

What Sparks The Words? Te Pātaka Toi Adam Art Gallery

In Relation to In Relation Ep1 | Tina Barton Reads – Lunchtime Talks, Adam Art Gallery

Author Talk | Redmer Yska on Katherine Mansfield’s Europe: Station to Station

Unity Books Author Talk | Thomasin Sleigh on The Words For Her, in conversation with Ann Shelton

Unity Books Author Talk: Matthew Bannister in conversation with Nick Bollinger

Unity Books Author Talk: Joy Holley in conversation with Claire Mabey

Author Talk | Helene Ritchie – The Burned Letter

Author Event Paul Diamond on Downfall: The Destruction of Charles Mackay​

Author Event Emma Hislop on Ruin and Other Stories

Author Talk: Grand – Noelle McCarthy

IN FOCUS (from the collection) | Ep1: Jane Campion, Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie, Christina Barton

Unity Books Wellington – Author Talk | Sudha Rao in conversation with Joanna Cho & Khadro Mohamed

Bridging Worlds Ep4 | Mermaid Metaphors & Other Tales – Megan Dunn & Jess Hinerangi Thompson-Carr – Thank you Te Pātaka Toi | Adam Art Gallery 

Radical Possibilities of the Mind, Body and Senses: A Poetry Showcase​