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The focus will be on women’s well-being and health. This programme is open to professionals in the Health and Education fields to share ideas, information, and research-based findings on how to improve women’s health, this includes maternal and health care as well as physical and mental health and how we can support those who need help in these areas.

We will also focus on Pacific Community health and how to help prevent health issues that we are facing at the moment.

Tu ma Tilotilo has a cultural / family meaning to me but it is also significant to my professional practice as an Educator and Health Professional.

Tu-means Stop, Pause or to halt.
ma- and
Tilotilo – means to look or look out, to assess, to evaluate or to take notice.

As we come to the end of the year, and with everything that is going on around us, the Covid19 lockdown in some part of the world and in our country, the changes in our situations for safety, the uncertainty of our future and how this can have an impact on the lives of many people around us, it is imperative to take time to stop and to look around, take notice of what is happening and to make changes if necessary and to make sure you are safe and the people around you are safe.

When you stop, look, and reflect, you can actually see what is going on around you and you can readjust your actions, make plans and focus accordingly.

The purpose of this programme is to inspire and to support those who are working in public and private sectors and those who are working for the benefit of the community through this programme and to inspire those who are listening to us by sharing information and their stories.

Tu ma Tilotilo broadcasts Mondays, 1 – 2pm.