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Image: Loo Connor (right) and Hannah Wood in the Wellington Access Radio studio.


Loo Connor started The Good Energy Project with the hope of revealing different possibilities for how we can live together and share resources – and now the show is celebrating its first birthday!

The idea for the show came when Loo was working on a project about the connections between climate change and the economy, and was having conversations that were ‘blowing her mind’.

‘I wanted to find a way to capture and share these conversations…I’m inspired by the idea that our economic system is like a game that we all have to play. Humans have made up the rules and we can change them. It’s not easy but it’s possible’.

After Loo connected with Wellington Access Radio, The Good Energy Project was launched in May 2023. Each episode sees Loo interview a guest, exploring the ways our lives are shaped by invisible economic forces. Past interviewees include Barry Coates from Money Matters, alternative currency trader legend Helen Dew, researcher Hemi Hireme and Opportunities Party candidate Natalia Albert.

‘I try to get to know people personally as well as finding out about their ideas and visions for how we could change our economic systems so they look after the planet and communities.’

This year The Good Energy Project takes on a new direction, with co-host Hannah Wood, and a focus on what Loo is calling ‘home economics’.

‘It’s all about empowering homes and kāinga as economic centres in their own right. So much of the important work that’s done in society, caring for people and the environment is voluntary or not recognised in the official economy, which only measures GDP. Much of this work happens in and around people’s homes. I’m going to be visiting people in their homes and kāinga and talking about their ideas and visions for how we can re-centre homes and kāinga in our economies and celebrate and support this important work.’

Loo says this new focus for the shows second year of broadcasting feels timely.

‘I think this is especially important in Wellington now as so many jobs are threatened and the new government rages though with so many drastic changes that harm ordinary people and the environment.’

‘I hope that my programme helps by lifting our sights up towards future possibilities.’


The Good Energy Project

Every second Sunday, 7pm