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Noda Bula e Aotearoa

A bi-lingual Fijian health show, presented in both Fijian and English.

And there’s a special youth segment in each show!

Noda Bula e Aotearoa airs every Saturday, 5pm – 7pm.


Yalo i Viti

In the Spirit of ‘Vosa vaka-Viti’ or Fijian Language, it’s called ‘Vakakekeli kei Adi Samanunu’.
This literally means, the Host, Adi Samanunu will delve deep | research into pertinent issues that impacts the lives of Indigenous Fijians residing in Aotearoa. How are these people surviving post Covid19.

The show will focus on the following;

* Vosa vaka-Viti (Fijian Language)
* Oral History
* Data & Ethnicity Classification
* Identity
* Challenges of moving to Aotearoa NZ & settling in
* Education
* Health
* Youths & Young Adults Needs
* Entrepreneurship for Indigenous Fijian Women
* Strategies & Politics

Adi Elisapeci Samanunu Waqanivala MRSNZ


Sponsored by:
Fijian Language (NZ) Academy
under Viti (NZ) Council e Aotearoa Charity Registration CC56562

Yalo i Viti airs every Thursday 6am – 7am (LIVE).


Aua Ni Masu

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New Methodist Christian Fellowship Programme

The New Methodist Christian Fellowship [NZ-Fj] has two outreach programmes. I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel shares messages of faith, and Against All Odds explores biblical principles and how they can be applied during times of hardship.

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